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Mount Kenya - Africa

Trekking and mountaineering on Mount Kenya at 5199 metres.
This is the Matterhorn of Africa. We start in a magnificent forest; climbing or walking at a height of 5199 mt. Being in such an ambience of endless space is a unique experience.
Being a long way from the chaos of "Kenya" we get a much closer feel for what the country really is not least through contact with the local population "Kikuyu" who accompany us as porters for the entire trip.

Technical card:
Period: from December to March
Difficulty: trekking to the Lenana peak then climbing (max 5th grade) to the Nellion peak at 5199 meters.
Duration: Minimum from 9 to 15 days
Participants: 2 or 4 for the climb
From 4 to 8 for the trekking

A detailed program will be provided to those interested