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Group trips

Gran Paradiso park and Chabod refuge (2750 mt.)
Trip towards the Vittorio Emanuele refuge. A wonderful excursion in this reservation with the chance to see animals such as ibexes and chamois in their natural environment. The walk needs a good level of fitness. From 4 to 6 hours, packed lunch or in the refuge included. Meet at 7.30 a.m. at Piazzale Monte Bianco, Courmayeur. Moving to Valsavaranche by car or bus.

Mont Chetif - track
Beautiful track along the Mont Chetif path with a wonderful view of the whole Mont Blanc massif, with a Mont Blanc mountain guide. From 5 to 6 hours, packed or full lunch (possible descent to Val Veny).

Monzino Refuge
Quite a difficult climb with fixed ropes in some parts. Monzino refuge is one of the wildest places you can be escorted to by a Mont Blanc guide. From 5 to 6 hours, either packed or in refuge lunch. Meet at 7.30 a.m. at Piazzale Monte Bianco, Curmayeur. Moving to La Visalle by car or by bus.
Suggested equipment: trekking boots, windsheater, flask, cup, sweater, rucksack. Harness, helmet.

Boccalatte refuge in the Grandes Jorasses
Short track trip to the refuge, Possible short trip to the "Reposoir" on Jorasses way. From 4 to 6 hours; either packed or in refuge lunch.

Becca of Auille 2605 mt. Railway line "Bethaz - Bovard" - 3 or 4 hours
The first section of the track can be a tough climb, helmet and ropes are indispensable.
Suggested equipment: trekking boots, mountain clothing, helmet and snaplink ropes can be provided.

Maritime Alps

Argentera South 3297 mt.
The climb of this mountain is varied and fun with the final part on a ledge giving access to the peak. The ascent becomes more difficult traversing the ridge between the northern and southern peaks.
Difficulty - The climb has some steep pitches.
Period from June to September.

Gelas Peak 3143 mt.
Second peak of the Maritime Alps set in France, easy and fun until the "Balconeys" from which you can reach the top by traversing a ridge with a fantastic view of the adjoining park of Argentera and its peaks.
Period from June to September.

"Cozie" Alps

Monviso 3800 mt.
In the Po Valley a difficult climb to the top from the refuge Quintino Sella a "normal" climb to consider if you are in good shape and are comfortable climbing 2º-3º grades. The difficulty of the climb is rewarded by reaching the top with its views.
Period July and August.

Several other trips are feasible

For example, Bivacco Fiorio and Mont Dolent, Deffeis refuge and Rutor top with possible crossing into Valgrisanche, Bezzi refuge and...