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A new and very exciting sport, canyoning is certainly interesting for all ages especially those who love water and nature. You start the day with a short walk up or sometimes you can arrive at the start point by car. After putting on a wet suit and harness we are ready for the descent. Sometimes we start by jumping in emerald green pools and then slide down water filled chutes, (tobogganing) or alternatively we descend with ropes down waterfalls and then finish by diving into the water. And then we move on to other locations where we do it all over again, tobogganing, descending and diving. This is canyoning.

Canyoning is a great sport but one where you need to know the secrets and the dangers to avoid silly accidents. For these reasons, within the Associations of Italian Mountain Guides there are certain guides that specialize in canyoning after passing a course and taking exams. They are then qualified to accompany you as a guide.

We suggest the following locations in order of difficulty:

Chalamy, Aosta Valley

Duration 3 to 4 hours, for beginners. Diving, tobogganing, and descents with ropes.
Gentle 15 minute walk uphill to start.

Fer, Aosta Valley

Duration 4 to 5 hours. Diving, tobogganing, many descents with ropes and waterfalls.
15 minute downhill walk to start.

Barbaria, Nervina Valley, Imperia, Liguria

Duration 4 hours. Incredible colours due to limestone rocks. Lots of diving tobogganing, and waterfall descents with ropes.
30 minute uphill walk to start.

Maglià, Valley Roja, France

Duration 4 to 5 hours. One of the best known torrents in the South of France. The surroundings and colour of the water are incredible. A lot of fun is assured thanks to the variety and enthusiasm of the descents. Lots of diving tobogganing, and waterfall descents with ropes.
10 minute downhill walk to start.